Nov 24, 2011

night out with friends

Some night that I went out with my friends to have coffee and to talk cause we have'nt seen each other for a very long time.

my amazing boyfriend !

Nov 11, 2011

movie time

hi guys,
So last night i went to see a movie called "Johnny english reborn" , it was very funny but at the same time very stupid. but eventually i enjoyed watchin it.

enjoy :)

Remember the book that i bought, so it is sooo gooood and i really recomend it.

The earings that i wore to the movie
 Some new mascara that i bought

Nov 1, 2011


hello guy's so the other day i went shopping and look what i got..

 enjoy xoxo

the clothes are from "Bershka", the legings from "mashbir" (store in Israel).