Dec 17, 2011


When I woke up today I saw that the sun was shining very bright and the weather was very nice, so I thought that it would be a waste of time to spend the afternoon inside the house.
So my boyfriend suggested to go to the forest for some hike. When we came there we wondered around until we found this beautiful part of the forest and we decided to stay there.

I hope you will enjoy the photos!

Nov 24, 2011

night out with friends

Some night that I went out with my friends to have coffee and to talk cause we have'nt seen each other for a very long time.

my amazing boyfriend !

Nov 11, 2011

movie time

hi guys,
So last night i went to see a movie called "Johnny english reborn" , it was very funny but at the same time very stupid. but eventually i enjoyed watchin it.

enjoy :)

Remember the book that i bought, so it is sooo gooood and i really recomend it.

The earings that i wore to the movie
 Some new mascara that i bought

Nov 1, 2011


hello guy's so the other day i went shopping and look what i got..

 enjoy xoxo

the clothes are from "Bershka", the legings from "mashbir" (store in Israel).

Oct 28, 2011

down the street

so i have'nt been around here alot :( i had no time to update my blog,
i'll try to update it more often.

not a while ago where i live there was a festival that i attended with my boyfriend, it was very fun and very very beatiful- i was amazed.
here are some pics from the festival.

Jun 5, 2011

going out

on friday my friend celebrated her birthday and i wear this :

 my boyfriend took my pictre ( this is my camera crew lol)

May 30, 2011


what do you think, is this something to wear to prom or not?


prom by michal 777 featuring guess pumps
Fringe dress
$295 -

ASOS peep toe heels
$83 -

Guess pumps
$51 -

May 29, 2011

something new

Yesterday i went for a little shopping and i bought some little things.

Do you think i should cut the lace that on the bag, or leave it like this ?


May 27, 2011


 בזמן שחיכיתי לאוטובוס חשבתי למה לא להצטלם אז בבקשה, שעמום בהתגלמותו.

I was waitig to the buss to come, and i felt like it was agood aprtunity to take some pictures =)

May 26, 2011

Poco- Dot

dress- Miss N.R.G.
bag- grandma's
shoes- Berma
sunglases- Erroca.