May 30, 2011


what do you think, is this something to wear to prom or not?


prom by michal 777 featuring guess pumps
Fringe dress
$295 -

ASOS peep toe heels
$83 -

Guess pumps
$51 -

May 29, 2011

something new

Yesterday i went for a little shopping and i bought some little things.

Do you think i should cut the lace that on the bag, or leave it like this ?


May 27, 2011


 בזמן שחיכיתי לאוטובוס חשבתי למה לא להצטלם אז בבקשה, שעמום בהתגלמותו.

I was waitig to the buss to come, and i felt like it was agood aprtunity to take some pictures =)

May 26, 2011

Poco- Dot

dress- Miss N.R.G.
bag- grandma's
shoes- Berma
sunglases- Erroca.

May 24, 2011

like chanel

היי לכולם היום הלכתי לסרט שודדי הקריביים 4 והוא היה נחמד, אבל די חשוך ואחרי לבישת המקפיים של 3D הראש מתחיל לכאוב, אבל חוץ מזה סרט ממש טוב. אני ממליצה עליו.

hii today i went to the cinema to see pirates of the caribbean 4, and it wes very good i loved it, i suggest evryone to go and see it.

top- payota
bag- totally tally
shows-steve madden